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Mechanobioengineering living soft materials

Biological tissues are fascinating soft materials, in which they continuously regenerate and reliably perform vital physiological functions (e.g., selective barrier and absorption functions ) that are virtually impossible to recapitulate using synthetic systems. The ability to generate such living materials in a reproducible way is essential for drug screening, therapeutic development, and even organ transplant. However, engineering biological tissues is challenging, as their constituents - cells - can be influenced by numerous environmental cues. Our lab is interested in understanding how the mechanical cues impact the cell behavior. Here, mechanical cues include cell-cell adhesion, cell-substrate traction, and cell-flow interaction, which are all highly nonlinear, dynamic, heterogeneous, and intertwined. To unravel the intricate relationships between these complex mechanical stimuli and cell behavior, we develop 1) instruments to impose various mechanical signaling, 2) label-free microscopy methods to visualize tissue properties, and 3) understandings in mechanobiology.


From top left: James Lo, Alan Levinson, Dr. Neil Lin, Jerry Chen, Alexandra Bermudez

From bottom left: Kathryn Saxton, Shannon Li, Iris Sloan, Katie Shi

Our work is currently supported by the NSF CMMI AM, NIH NIGMS MIRA, Hellman Fellowship, CNSI Noble Family Innovation Award, JCCC, Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research.

Lin Lab is Hiring!

Welcome! We are a tight group of graduate students, undergraduate students, and research staff from diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to create biological tissues that recapitulate human responses at scale for therapeutic development. Our innovative work combines knowledge of biology, mechanical design, computer science, and more. We welcome any interested students and postdoc candidates with a passion for developing new technologies to advance current understanding of cell and tissue technologies. 

If you are interested in joining our lab, please see our current projects and do not hesitate to reach out! Prior experience is encouraged, but not necessary.

Postdoc candidates and graduate students:

We have multiple openings. Please e-mail Prof. Neil Lin directly with your CV and a short description of your research interest.

Undergraduate students:

  • Minimum of 1 year commitment for undergraduate and masters students including 1 summer.

  • Competitive GPA.

  • Team player willing to bring unique perspectives and discussion to projects.

  • You can reach out to either any Ph.D. student or Prof. Neil Lin.

Check us out on Instagram @linlab_ucla


Lin Lab
Engineering VI Room 130
Henry Samueli School of Engineering
University of California Los Angeles
404 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095

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