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Lin Lab Outreach

Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity

In collaboration with CEED at UCLA, the Lin Lab has been hosting students from CEED to conduct introductory bioengineering projects, which equip the students with practical research experiences.


See more information about the CEED program at:

ELAC Outreach

In collaboration with East Los Angeles College (ELAC), the Lin Lab has teamed up with Dr. Andrea Kasko's and Dr. Gerard Wong's lab to support veteran students in STEM by hosting scientific demonstrations, lab visits, and summer internship opportunities. 


Mechanobiology Curriculum Development


Do you know that epithelial cells share a lot of similarity with foams? Yes, tightly packed bubbles! We have deepened a hands-on interactive learning module that teaches how surface tension can be used to explain the topology and morphology of epithelial cells. We have a manuscript in review. More information will be released.


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