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Lin Lab Annoucements


Congrats to Alyssa on her employment at Applied Materials. Alyssa will be working as a Mechanical Engineer


Congratulations to Dr. Neil Lin on his CMBE Rising Star Award!


Congratulations to Alex on his acceptance to Rice University as a bioengineering PhD student, Alyssa on her Direct LTD Undergrad Internship position at Intel, and Melissa on her acceptance to the bioengineering masters program at UCLA!


Dr. Neil Lin presented an invited talk (Mechanobioengineering of Biological Tissues) at UC Merced, Physics Department.


Congratulations to Zack, David, Thomas, and Alex for their publication Cell-cell Adhesion Impacts Epithelia Response to Substrate Stiffness: Morphology and Gene Expression.


Thomas Ho and David Choi presented their work in the 2021 Southern California Systems Biology Symposium.

Thomas: A new rotational flow culture model for culturing prostate cancer cells in 3D 

David: The Influence of Mechanical Cues on Cellular Behavior in Confluent Epithelium 


Congratulations to Johnny Diaz on his acceptance into the UCLA's Molecular Biology Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in the home area of Cell and Developmental Biology!


Dr. Neil Lin received UCLA Faculty Career Development Award 2023-2024.


Dr. Neil Lin presented an invited talk (AI-based Label-free Cell Phenotyping) at the 12th ICBE conference, Santa Barbara.

2022 Awards

Dr. Neil Lin obtained the Noble Family Innovation Award, NIH NIGMS MIR, PCF Young Investigator Award, and Hellman Fellowship.


Lin Lab presented at the 2022 UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposia. Alex, Marie, and Melissa gave oral presentations on their works!

Fall 2020

Congratulations to Zack Gonzalez, Marie Payne, and Brandon Lee, who will be presenting at the BMES annual meeting this October! They will be talking about our latest work about MDCK mechanics, Brain organoid engineering, and AI microscopy.


Congrats to Kathryn on her acceptance to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's biostatistics program. She will be pursuing a fully-funded Master's degree at Harvard in the fall!


Our publication "Microwell-Based Flow Culture Increases Viability and Restores Drug Response in Prostate Cancer Spheroids" was featured on the front cover of Biotechnology Journal!


Our paper "Phenotyping Senescent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells using AI Image Translation" just came out in Current Research in Biotechnology!


Dr. Neil Lin delivered a Noble Family Innovation Award Seminar at CNSI, UCLA


November 2019

First day of Lin Lab.

Lin Lab Students Awards


Congratulations to Kathryn on being awarded the Dean's Prize. The Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research Award for life science, physical science, and engineering students is awarded for outstanding livestreamed presentations of faculty-mentored research at the Undergraduate Research & Creativity Showcase.


Congratulations to Zoe Latham and Iris Sloan on their acceptance into the Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (URFP)!


Congratulations to Marie Payne and Alex Bermudez on being selected for the oral presentation and RapidFire talk at the 2023 UC BIC conference and receiving the travel awards!


Congratulations to Marie Payne on obtaining a travel grant to present at the 2022 UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposia.


Congratulations to Brandon on obtaining the Undergraduate Research Student Fellowship. This fellowship will support Brandon's work on developing our AI-based phenotyping methods!


Congratulation to Marie Payne on obtaining the NSF Fellowship!


Congratulations to Alan on receiving the NSF GRFP fellowship! 


Congratulations to Alex Bermudez on her CMBE Graduate Student Travel Award! Alex will be presenting our mechanobiology work at the BMES CMBE Conference


Congratulations to Marie Payne on obtaining a travel grant to present at the Keystone Symposia -- Organoids as Models of Development and Disease, and their Impact on Drug Discovery.

Spring 22

Congratulations to Alex Bermudez, David Choi, and Marie Payne on passing the qualifying exam!


Congratulations to Melissa Rupert and Nathan Cat on obtaining the Undergraduate Research Student Fellowship!

Winter 2021

Congratulation to Thomas Ho on his medical school admission!


Congratulations to Jerry Chen on his advancement to candidacy!


Congratulations to Kathryn Saxton on her acceptance into the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP)!


Congratulations to Sara Imboden on starting her position at A2 Biotherapeutics, Agoura Hills, CA


Congratulations to Alex Bermudez on the Braslau Family Travel Grant! Alex will be presenting our MDCK mechanobiology work at APS March Meeting.


Congratulations to Alex Bermudez on receiving two prestigious scholarships: California Ethel O. Gardner Scholarship & Helen Deshurley Beardsley Scholarship 

Winter 2021

Congratulation to Zack Gonzalez on obtaining the CARE Fellowship and getting into the Minor in Biomedical Research Program!

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