Spring 22

Congratulations to Alex Bermudez, David Choi, and Marie Payne on passing the qualifying exam!


Congratulation to Alex Bermudez on the Braslau Family Travel Grant! Alex will be presenting our MDCK mechanobiology work at APS March Meeting.


Congratulations to Zack, David, Thomas, and Alex for their publication Cell-cell Adhesion Impacts Epithelia Response to Substrate Stiffness: Morphology and Gene Expression.


Congratulations to Brandon on obtaining the Undergraduate Research Student Fellowship. This fellowship will support Brandon's work on developing our AI-based phenotyping methods!


Congratulation to Marie Payne on obtaining the NSF Fellowship!


Congratulations to Sara, Brandon, and Marie for their publication Investigating heterogeneities of live mesenchymal stromal cells using AI-based label-free imaging. News Cover!


Thomas Ho and David Choi presented their work in the 2021 Southern California Systems Biology Symposium.

Thomas: A new rotational flow culture model for culturing prostate cancer cells in 3D 

David: The Influence of Mechanical Cues on Cellular Behavior in Confluent Epithelium 

Winter 21

Congratulation to Thomas Ho on his medical school admission!

Winter 21

Congratulation to Zack Gonzalez on obtaining the CARE Fellowship and getting into the Minor in Biomedical Research Program!

Fall 20

Congratulations to Zack Gonzalez, Marie Payne, and Brandon Lee, who will be presenting at the BMES annual meeting this October! They will be talking about our latest work about MDCK mechanics, Brain organoid engineering, and AI microscopy.