Neil Y.C. Lin

Principal Investigator



Postdoc, 2016-2019

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences,

Wyss Institute, Harvard University


Ph.D. Physics, 2016

Cornell University


M.S. Physics, 2013

Cornell University


B.S. Physics, 2008

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan



Lin Lab is hiring!

We are always seeking creative and driven researchers to join our team! Our projects are highly interdisciplinary in nature. If you are interested in 3D printing, soft materials, biology, or microscopy (or any of your ideas!), please contact Neil Lin. 

Zhao Bao - Grad

Project: Cell Modulus Heterogeneities


Harbin Engineering University - B.S

ShanghaiTech University - M.S


David Choi - Grad

Project: Biomechanics


University of Texas, Austin - B.S.

David Choi

Melissa Rupert - Undergrad

Project: Cancer Spheroid Visualization

UCLA Biomedical Engineering

Melissa Rupert

Dorian Luccioni - Undergrad

Project: Biomaterial Engineering

UCLA Materials Science & Engineering

Dorian Luccioni.jpg

Sara Imboden - Visiting Grad

Project: Machine Learning Microscopy

ETH Zurich, Health Sciences and Technology


Marie Payne - Grad

Project: Organoid Biomanufacturing


Stanford University - B.S.

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 3.01.59 PM.png

Zachary Gonzalez - Undergrad

Project: Cell-ECM Biomechanics

UCLA Biophysics

Zack Gonzalez

Thomas Ho - Undergrad

Project: Cell-ECM Biomechanics

UCLA Biochemistry

Thomas Ho .jpg

Brandon Lee - Undergrad

Project: Machine Learning Microscopy

UCLA Biomedical Engineering

Brandon Lee

Alex Bermudez - Grad

Project: Cell Modulus Heterogeneities 

Education: UCLA - B.S.