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Prostate lineage-specific metabolism governs luminal differentiation and response to antiandrogen treatment, Giafaglione, J.M., Crowell, P.D., Delcourt, A.M.L., ... Payne M.C,, ... Lin N.Y.C, ... Goldstein A.S.

Nature Cell Biology, 1476-4679 (2023) PDF

Using Histologic Image Analysis to Understand Biophysical Regulations of Epithelial Cell Morphology 

Alexandra Bermudez, Samanta Negrete Muñoz, Rita Blaik, Amy C. Rowat, Jimmy Hu*, Neil Y.C. Lin*

Biophysicist, 4, 2 (2023) PDF

Trustworthy in silico Cell Labeling via Ensemble-based Image Translation

Sara Imboden, Xuanqing Liu, Marie C. Payne, Cho-Jui Hsieh, and Neil Y. C. Lin*

Biophysical Reports, 4, 100133 (2023) PDF 

Phenotyping Senescent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells using AI Image Translation

Leya Weber+, Brandon Lee+, Sara Imboden, Cho-Jui Hsieh, and Neil Y.C. Lin*

Current Research in Biotechnology, 5, 100120 (2023) PDF

Concept Gradients: Concept-Based Interpretation without Linear Assumption 

Andrew Bai, Chih-Kuan Yeh, Neil Y. C. Lin, Pradeep Ravikumar, Cho-Jui Hsieh

International Conference on Learning Representation (ICLR) (2023) PDF

Microwell-Based Flow Culture Increases Viability and Restores Drug Response in Prostate Cancer Spheroids

Marie C. Payne, SumYat Ho, Takao Hashimoto, Sara Imboden, Johnny A. Diaz, Brandon S. Lee, Melissa J. Rupert, Nathan Y. Cai, Andrew S. Goldstein, and Neil Y.C. Lin

Biotechnology Journal, 2200434 (2023) PDF

Featured on Journal Front Cover

Rapid prototyping of functional acoustic devices using laser manufacturing

Xiang Zhang, Rosa Son, Yen-Ju Lin, Alexi Gill, Shilin Chen, Tong Qi, David Choi, Jing Wen, Yunfeng Lu, Neil YC Lin, and Pei-Yu Chiou

Lab on a Chip, 22, 4327 (2022) PDF

Supracellular Measurement of Spatially Varying Mechanical Heterogeneities in Live Monolayers
Alexandra Bermudez, Zachary Gonzalez, Bao Zhao, Ethan Salter, Xuanqing Liu, Leixin Ma, Mohammad Khalid Jawed, Cho-Jui Hsieh, and Neil Y.C. Lin 

Biophysical Journal, 121(18), 3358-3369 (2022) PDF

Cell-cell Adhesion Impacts Epithelia Response to Substrate Stiffness: Morphology and Gene Expression, David Choi, Zachary Gonzalez, Sum Yat Ho, Alexandra Bermudez, and Neil Y.C. Lin

Biophysical Journal, 121(2), 336-346 (2022) PDF

Investigating Heterogeneities of Live Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Using AI-Based Label-Free Imaging, Sara Imboden, Xuanqing Liu, Brandon S. Lee, Marie C. Payne, Cho-Jui Hsieh, and Neil YC Lin.

Scientific Report 11, no. 1 (2021): 1-11. PDF

Biotechnology Journal - 2023 -  - Outside Front Cover   Biotechnology Journal 6 2023.jpg

Selective publications before UCLA (Google Scholar)

Neil Y. C Lin, K. Homan, S. Robinson, D. Kolesky, N. Duarte, A. Moisan*, and J. Lewis*

Determining Quiescent Colloidal Suspension Viscosities Using the Green-Kubo Relation and Image-Based Stress Measurements 

Neil Y.C. Lin, Matthew Bierbaum, and Itai Cohen

Quantitative Light Microscopy of Dense Suspensions: Colloid Science at the Next Decimal Place

B. Leahy, Neil Y.C. Lin, Itai Cohen

Three-dimensional microscale flow of polymer coatings on glass during indentation

L. Bartell, Neil Y.C. Lin, J. Lyon, M. Sorensen, D. Clark, M. Lockhart, J. Matthews, G. Glaesemann, M. DeRosa, and I. Cohen.

How Confinement-Induced Structures Alter the Contribution of Hydrodynamic and Short-Ranged Repulsion Forces to the Viscosity of Colloidal Suspensions

M. Ramaswamy. Neil Y.C. Lin, B. Leahy, C. Ness, A. Fiore, J. Swan, and I. Cohen

Tunable shear thickening in suspensions

Neil Y. C. Lin, Chris Ness, Mike Cates, Jin Sun, and Itai Cohen

Measuring nonlinear stresses generated by defects in 3D colloidal crystals

Neil Y. C. Lin, Matthew Bierbaum, Peter Schall, James P. Sethna, and Itai Cohen

Relating microstructure and particle-level stress in colloidal crystals under increased confinement

Neil Y.C Lin and Itai Cohen

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